Feeling a Little Chilly?

Hey, what’s that?

Feels a little chilly, doesn’t it?

Funny how seasons change. We warned you about this roughly 5 months ago. And now here it is. Something in the air has changed. There’s a little bit of coolness in the breeze. Short sleeves just ain’t cutting it anymore, especially at nighttime.

You know what the deal is. You know that you need to step up your wardrobe game. You know that the fun-and-sun vibe of summer is fading fast, and you’re feeling a change in the air. You know what this means.


Yup, we said it. It’s on everyone’s mind anyway. We’re just crazy enough to come out and say it.

So fish or cut bait. Get you some sweaters under 20 dollars and gear up for the cold days that are ahead.


Why Think About Sweaters in the Summer?

Yeah, it’s getting hot. Yeah, you’re thinking about swimming and splashing around in some cool water. Yeah, it’s all about grilling out and chilling out. But don’t forget one thing.


That’s right…don’t forget about sweaters while you’re frolicking in summer-inspired bliss. Yeah, it’s not cold right now. Yeah, you can do without a sweater from May to July. But believe me, baby, August is coming. Oh yeah. And it’s going to get cold again. And if you don’t plan ahead, think ahead and be willing to snap up a couple of sweaters for under $20, you may find yourself out in the cold, with nothing to keep you warm. Then what will you do? Don’t let this happen.

Don’t forget about the sweaters.

Post Ahoy!

Yep, this is the first post for the “Sweaters Under $20 Official Blog”. But what, you ask, could we possibly need to write about? After all, it’s just a site for sweaters that cost less than $20. That’s not rocket science, nor is it even remote controlled helicopter science. But you know what? We may have some other things we want to say. We may have something to say that can change the world. Or even bring world peace. Like we do on a daily basis by offering sweaters for less than twenty bucks.  All in a day’s work.